Brough Family Organization

History of
Hyrum Carter Brough (1901-1987)
and Erma Eurilda Andersen

Quoted from the 1980 RBFO book:
Samuel Richard Brough, 1857-1947: His History, Ancestors & Descendants
Originally written by Hyrum Carter Brough in 1980

I was born of goodly parents in the year of our Lord, April 6, 1901, in a little log cabin on Main Street in Lyman, Uinta County, Wyoming.

When my father came home from a four-year mission in England and Scotland, he filed on a homestead--one hundred sixty acres on the Lyman bench and built their log cabin, logs he cut and hauled from the nearby mountains. It had four rooms, but no plumbing. We lived in this cabin until I was six years old. Then father built a large home on another one hundred sixty acres of farm land. The home was a frame home painted white, with black willows and shade trees all around the home. We had to heat the water for our Saturday-night bath on a wood stove. We used a large tub to bathe in right in the middle of the kitchen floor. We had a splashing good time with water allover the floor. We drew the water from a well father dug in our back yard.

My father's name was Samuel Richard Brough, my mother's name was Eliza Ann Carter Brough. I had four brothers and three sisters.

I married Erma Eurilda Anderson in the Salt Lake Temple June 27, 1923. I was introduced to Erma September 10, 1922 at a dance at Latuda, Utah, a little town up Spring Canyon about six miles from Helper, Utah. I was working at Standardville, Utah, in the coal mine and Erma came here to teach school. We walked home together from the Dance at Latuda, and this is how it all started.

We had seven children given to us by our Father in Heaven. We lost two girls as babies living only a few hours. We lost our two sons when they were six months old. We have three daughters living: Beulah Bernice, Shirley Darlene and Sandra Janene Wood. We have ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

I enjoyed family life as a boy. My father was a farmer, and we all had our chores and work to do. When I was thirteen years old I did all the plowing and cultivating of the land and preparing it for planting, I had two dogs and a pony of my own. I would enjoy going with my father to check on our two ranches or farms, with me on my pony and father on his big bay horse. We worked long hours on the farms, but we enjoyed family life. I had an angel mother who taught me how to pray as a child, and my parents taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My father was bishop in our ward all of my life until I was eighteen years old. At this time my father bought a home and small farm in Bountiful, Utah. In the spring of 1919 my brother Horace and family moved to Bountiful to plant our crops, as the rest of the family was not moving until fall. Horace went to work in Salt Lake City as a carpenter and this left me to run the farm. On this truck farm we would grow potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, cantaloupes and other vegetables. I would leave with our produce at four o'clock in the morning for Salt Lake City where we sold it on the Growers' Market. I went by team and wagon. This made a long day for me.

I worked for Safeway Stores, as a manager of a store in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, in Park City, Utah, and in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1929 we bought mother's home in Bountiful. Father was working in the temple and didn't have time to take care of the farm. For ten long years during the depression of the thirties, we had a hard time to pay the interest on the mortgage on the home and farm.

We would like to write much more, but it is all recorded in my life history.

In 1969, Hyrum Carter Brough (shown above with his wife Erma E. Andersen)--founded the Samuel Richard Brough Family Organization (SRBFO). In 1982 the SRBFO merged with the Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO) that is known today (2011) as the Brough Family Organization (BFO).

BFO International Headquarters
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